Ukraine Without Corruption (UkWICo) announces start of a new monthly series

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Ukraine Without Corruption (UkWICo) announced today start of a new monthly series profiling individuals who are alleged to be involved in corrupt and subversive activities in Ukraine. These individuals are believed to use their government positions and family ties to inflict damage on the country’s economy and the well-being of its citizens. Some are also believed to be agents of the foreign governments inserted deep into the highest levels of the security services and working against the national interest of Ukraine.

All UkWiCo's reports based on proven facts and all supporting materials will be made available to UkWiCo's subscribers.

UkWiCo’s inaugural report to be published in May, will profile one of the senior officials of Ukraine’ National Security Service (SBU) Serhii Semochko, who is not only believed t'o be a corrupt government official, but an age of the Russian security forces. Excerpt from the upcoming profile is featured below:

Until the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, Mr, Semochko was one of the senior officers at the Crimean division of the SBU. After the annexation, he left Crimea and under the patronage of his Russian handlers conducted a very successful mock up operation to quash the creation of the Bessarabian People’s Republic. As reward for his “service”. Semochko was transferred to Kyiv and appointed to a senior position at the SBU’s main offices. Yet, for a seemingly successful officer of the security services, some things do not add up.

His children Stanislav and Anastasia stayed behind in Crimea received Russian citizenship and successfully work there. In a way they are hostages through whom the Russian security services exert influence and control. Mr. Semochko is believed to receive assignments, which call for discreditation of the SBU in the eyes of Ukraine’s citizens.
Not a single luxury property, which Semochko family owns in Crimea was nationalized by the Russian government. Mr. Semochko’ wife, Natalia Lysenko, who is related to one of the country’s most prominent banking oligarchs, has been allowed to freely travel to Crimea by the Russian authorities.

While a civil servant, Mr.Semochko, under the patronage of the influential People’s Deputy, has created a number of corrupt enrichment schemes, which resulted in receipt of bribes in the amounts exceeding $30 mil. Some of this money was legalized by purchasing a super luxury estate in Kyiv.Mr. Semochko and his family are fond of luxury travel and vacations and just like their oligarch relatives and friends are known to fly around in a Bombardier Challenger 605 Jet and sail the high seas in a Sirocco Douglas super yacht.

So the question is, how is all this possible in a country which always seeks financial aid from overseas, claims to fight corruption internally, but closes its eyes to blatant theft, corruption and foreign influence? For complete profile and to subscribe to UkWiCo Bulletin.

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